MEF Member Meetings

Exclusive engagement and participation in the evolution of MEF products.

MEF Quarterly Member Meetings

MEF’s quarterly member meetings provide a critical cadence for progressing the innovative work on MEF services, LSO APIs, and certifications. They provide a timely touchpoint for the Board of Directors to progress MEF business, for the President and CTO to share the latest news amongst the membership, and for MEF Leadership to engage with the members and execute on the various project works, including editing, voting, and decision-making. All to ensure MEF’s mission is being fully executed.

MEF Members at Quarterly Meeting

Q1 Members Meeting

29 January–1 February 2024, Virtual

More Info Coming Soon!

Upcoming Member Meetings

Q1 Members Meeting

29 January–1 February 2024Virtual

Q2 Members Meeting

15–18 April 2024Europe TBD

Annual Members Meeting

22–25 July 2024North America TBD

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Sponsoring a MEF event offers a great opportunity to demonstrate industry thought leadership, showcase your brand, announce your latest MEF services and certifications, or engage with your customers. Whether you see an event in our calendar, or have a particular idea or query, don’t be shy!

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