MEF State of the Industry Report

May 2023

MEF’s inaugural State of the Industry Report examines what’s driving digital transformation today.

Paradigm Shift—Automating Business Functions Between Service Providers

How Business APIs are reshaping the dynamic services ecosystem for end-to-end service automation.

One of the industry’s most comprehensive research efforts to date on service automation, MEF’s State of the Industry Report provides invaluable insight on the industry transition towards a fully automated and dynamic service delivery ecosystem. This shift is powered by worldwide adoption of standardized LSO business APIs with high fidelity, interoperability, and extensibility that allow service providers to scale efficiently with many partners and services without the need for repeated investment.

This report explores the current state of service delivery, the market impact of NaaS, LSO business API adoption trends, and the compelling business case for plug-and-play APIs. We also highlight LSO solution providers and other resources available to help accelerate API implementation.

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“On behalf of MEF, I want to thank all of the individuals and companies who have participated in discussions with our team, sponsored this report, and contributed to LSO API standards development and implementation. Your time, effort, and energy have been invaluable and are greatly appreciated!”

– Stan Hubbard, MEF Principal Analyst

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