MEF 3.0 Certification

Industry-led, industry-trusted services, technology, and professional certifications.

Accelerating Industry Adoption with MEF 3.0 Certification

MEF provides certifications for services + technology + professionals. Together, this certification triad fully delivers on the promise of MEF’s mission to empower enterprise digital transformation through a global federation of network, cloud and technology providers.

MEF Certification Triad

MEF Certification Triad

for MEF Member Organization

MEF 3.0 services and technology certifications are company-level certifications. These certifications ensure that the certified company has demonstrated that their solutions conform to rigorous specifications established by the industry’s defining authority for standardized network services and technology. MEF 3.0 certifications offer a method for industry organizations to confirm compliance with industry-led MEF 3.0 standards for services, and the technology used to enable those services, thereby accelerating their product development, sales cycles, and service implementations.

for ICT Professional

MEF professional certifications are individual-level certifications. Clearly, it is people who ultimately put the services and technology into place; therefore, they need that same level of understanding and validation of knowledge for maximum business velocity. MEF 3.0 professional certification programs provide this proof-point for the engineers, architects, and product managers to demonstrate their expertise in MEF 3.0 service standards. These certifications validate that the individual has demonstrated the requisite knowledge level associated with the specific certifications offered which cover both MEF-defined services and technology as well as general knowledge underpinning MEF service standards and APIs.

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Accelerate Business with Certification

Buying and selling technology and services takes time—especially newer technology, which lacks a lingua franca, or shorthand, for describing and assessing capabilities and requirements. This gap slows down assessments, decisions, implementations, product launches, and service turn-up. Add automation to the mix and it becomes even more critical that all parties share a common language and adhere to standards. Find out more about certification.

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Company Certification

MEF develops certifications for both services and technology. Certification testing is provided by our Authorized Certification and Test Partners (ACTP).

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Services Registry

See a list of all active MEF members holding a MEF 3.0 Service Certification and its details, including legacy MEF CE 2.0 certifications.

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Technology Registry

See a list of all active MEF members holding a MEF 3.0 Technology Certification and its details, including legacy MEF CE 2.0 certifications.

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Professional Certification

MEF develops certifications for professionals in support of MEF standards and related technology. Certifications can be taken online and training is available from our Accredited Training Partners (ATP).

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Professional Registry

See a list of all active individual professionals with a MEF Professional Certification on

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