LSO Partners Directory

Directory of service providers using LSO APIs

Find service providers ready for automated business with you using LSO APIs

Service providers are using LSO APIs to automate business interactions with their partners. This directory provides the latest information on LSO APIs implemented, or in the process of being implemented, by MEF members.

The directory highlights for each service provider their support for:

  • Business function (e.g. Product Offering Qualification, Quote, Order).
  • Specific use cases from the MEF standards.
  • Buyer and/or Seller side.
  • LSO API release (e.g. Billie, Celine).

What Can I Achieve with the LSO Partner Directory?

Accelerate the automation of business with your partners over standardized LSO APIs.

MEF LSO Partner Directory Benefits

  • Highlight to your partners your readiness for automated business.
  • Find partners with whom to automate business.
  • Prioritize LSO APIs in your IT roadmap for development.

Service providers in this directory fall into four levels of LSO API implementation readiness. Click on the logo of the service provider below to get more details about their LSO API implementations and contact details for the latest detailed information directly from the service provider.

Level 1 of 4
In Development

Service providers that are developing their first LSO API implementations.

Level 2 of 4
In Production

Service providers that are in production with at least some of their LSO API implementations.

Level 3 of 4
Interop Validation

Service providers who have successfully demonstrated interoperability with at least some of their LSO API implementations in the MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test Service.

Level 4 of 4
MEF LSO API Certified

Service providers who are listed in the MEF LSO API Certification Registry as standards-conformant for at least some of their LSO API implementations.

LSO Partners


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