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MEF is a global industry association of network, cloud, and technology providers working together to accelerate enterprise digital transformation through a better-together ecosystem. Together, we enable dynamic, trusted, and certified services that empower enterprises to embrace their own digital transformation and grow their business.

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MEF’s Areas of Focus

MEF’s work focuses on four key areas, encompassed within what we call our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework. Our MEF 3.0 brand represents our Standards for defining, delivering, and certifying assured digital services, orchestrated across a global ecosystem of automated networks.


Standardized and assured connectivity and digital Services that can be bought, sold, operated and implemented programmatically.


MEF Service Standards


Automated using standards-based APIs operating as part of our Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) architecture.




Supported by a broad Community of industry stakeholders and open source projects.


with the MEF Community


Certified for maximum agility and integrity.


with MEF

2023 State of the Industry Report

Automating Business Functions Between Service Providers
Gain invaluable insight into the industry's transition towards a fully automated and dynamic service delivery ecosystem from one of the industry’s most comprehensive research efforts to date on service automation.

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Innovation begins with ideas. MEF is an innovation engine, bringing together passionate subject-matter experts from across the ecosystem to innovate and solve industry challenges and develop new opportunities. MEF’s Edge VIEW blog provides a forum for the broader community to share ideas, research, and opinions to spark interest and debate.

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