LSO Developer Community

Accelerating the development of MEF APIs for service automation, within and between providers and enterprises.

Supporting MEF API Development

The MEF LSO Developer Community enables software developers—typically from service provider IT departments, technology vendor R&D groups, students and post-graduates from academia—to ask and answer questions, and to contribute tools and other forms of code to SDKs in the LSO API Release Framework. The community fosters interaction between MEF members, non-member industry professionals and academia to develop and evolve the standards and related SDKs.

Engaging with the Community

The LSO Developer Community supports development of LSO APIs—MEF APIs for each of the LSO Reference Points—defined in the LSO Reference Architecture and Framework standard. 

LSO SDKs are created per LSO Reference Point as a collection of the APIs, software artifacts and supporting documentation. LSO SDK repositories are publicly available on GitHub and use GitHub teams as a communication channel. Additionally, extended SDK versions are available exclusively for active MEF Members; they contain work-in-progress elements and pre-release standards.

Members of the community may join a current discussion or post a new discussion to ask questions and provide comments. Separate communities are defined on GitHub for each published LSO SDK.

LSO Developer Community Manager

The MEF LSO Developer Community is managed with a dedicated MEF resource. The Community Manager is responsible for facilitating the community collaboration that drives the adoption of MEF APIs. The manager is the point of contact for those who would like to adopt or contribute to MEF APIs, or join the LSO Developer Community in order to interact with other members.

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LSO Developer Community Manager

Join the Community

Accessing LSO SDK Communities requires a GitHub account. Everyone is free to join the community, in particular those involved with implementation and development of MEF APIs within their organizations.

Accessing the LSO SDK Communities on GitHub

To access the public LSO SDK Communities:

Contact Us with your GitHub account name and specify which you would like to join: LSO Cantata, LSO Sonata, LSO Legato, or LSO Presto. The LSO Developer Community manager will invite you to the requested GitHub team.

What Can I Achieve with the LSO Developer Community?

Empowering the enterprise digital transformation requires MEF standards-based APIs working with the LSO Reference Architecture to ensure frictionless realization of the enterprise’s application needs across all of the underlying networks and cloud-based services.

LSO Develop Community Advantages for the ICT Industry:

  • Accelerate MEF 3.0 service implementations.
  • Rapidly develop MEF APIs.
  • Successfully deploy MEF APIs at LSO reference points.
  • Increase industry adoption of MEF 3.0 services.

Be In the Standard

Exclusive Access to Private SDK Repositories

Access extended LSO SDK repositories on GitHub, exclusive to MEF members. A membership in MEF provides all of the members-only SDK work in progress and priority access to the LSO Developer Community Manager with enhanced development support of MEF APIs. Obtain access to the extended LSO SDKs on the MEF Members’ Wiki.

All employees of active MEF-member companies are authorized to access MEF Members’ Wiki. Don’t have a login? Register. Not a member? Join MEF. Not sure? Contact Us.

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