MEF Leadership

The industry-leading Board of Directors and passionate subject-matter experts driving MEF’s committees and projects.

Business-driven Industry Collaboration

MEF has a long history of industry collaboration to solve shared business challenges, which is engrained in MEF’s mission and organizational structure. The member-elected, business-focused Board of Directors helps to reinforce the membership’s direction to deliver measurable value to the industry and its stakeholders. The merit-based appointment of technology specialists leads the cross-domain and cross-geographic collaboration within MEF’s committees.

Board of Directors

Debika Bhattacharya

Chair, MEF

Chief Technology Solutions Officer,
Verizon Business Group

Franck Morales

Secretary, MEF

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development,
Orange Wholesale International

Bob Victor

Treasurer, MEF

Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions,
Comcast Business

Bob Victor

Colin Bannon

Director, MEF

Chief Technology Officer,
BT Business

Paul Gampe

Director, MEF

Chief Technology Officer,
Console Connect by PCCW Global

Shawn Hakl

Director, MEF

Vice President, 5G Strategy,

Silke Hoesch

Director, MEF

Senior Vice President Wholesale,
Telekom Deutschland

Daniele Mancuso

Director, MEF

Chief Marketing & Product Management,

Mike Troiano

Director, MEF

Senior Vice President - Product & Pricing,
AT&T Business

Mirko Voltolini

Director, MEF

Vice President, Innovation,
Colt Technology Services

Mirko Voltolini

Dave Ward

Director, MEF

Chief Technology Officer,

MEF Officers

Nan Chen

Chief Executive Officer, MEF

Kevin Vachon

Chief Operating Officer, MEF

Pascal Menezes

Chief Technology Officer, MEF

Daniel Bar-Lev

Chief Product Officer, MEF

Sunil Khandekar

Chief Enterprise Development Officer, MEF

Committee Leadership

MEF work is developed through four distinct but collaborative committees.

Commercial and Business Committee & Co-chairs

Leading the work of MEF to enable new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and better customer experience through automation and streamlining of inter-provider activities.

Commercial and Business

Karthik Sethuraman

Sr. Product Manager, Core Connectivity Services,
Tata Communications

karthik sethuraman

Commercial and Business

April Taylor

Senior Vice President, Blockchain,

Digital Services Committee & Co-chairs

Leading the MEF services standards work, including underlay connectivity services and overlay services, the Digital Services committee aligns with the Services pillar of our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework.

Digital Services

Chris Purdy

Head of Product Management,
Canoga Perkins

Digital Services

Jason Wolfe

Sr. Network Architect,
Bell Canada

LSO Committee & Co-chairs

Leading the MEF LSO API standards work including East-West and North-South APIs and modeling. The LSO committee aligns with the LSO API pillar of our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework.


Michał Łączyński

Solution Architect,


Patrick Roosen

Business Process Specialist,

Test and Certification Committee & Co-chairs

Leading the MEF certification standards work including both company-based certifications for services and technology as well as the professional certifications program. The Test and Certification committee aligns with the certification pillar of our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework.

Test & Certification

Charles Eckel

Global Technology Standards,

Test & Certification

Divesh Gupta

VP, New Technology & Sales Operations,
PCCW Global

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