LSO Blockchain

Frictionless, end-to-end business automation of services throughout digital supply chains.

Synchronizing Business Between Buyers and Sellers

New blockchain-based technologies and techniques like smart contracts and zero knowledge proofs are groundbreaking building blocks complementing LSO APIs in automating business and operational interactions between buyers and sellers to deliver efficient, streamlined digital supply chains. MEF is driving development and adoption of open, standardized smart contracts with the goal of unlocking the full potential of this ecosystem.

LSO Blockchain is the umbrella term, not only for standardization of smart contracts that can be interacted with using LSO APIs, but also for the use of standardized decentralized identity services and zero knowledge infrastructure to deliver cloud-like services to solve some of the telecoms industry’s most challenging use cases.

MEF’s LSO Blockchain

MEF has built upon the success of open standard LSO APIs for frictionless business by using the latest blockchain techniques to radically strengthen the telecoms industry’s ability to create complex on-demand digital supply chains to deliver high value services.

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What Can I Achieve with LSO Blockchain?

LSO Blockchain enables a highly trustable secure on-demand multi-ERP system between you and one or more of your trusted partners in a digital supply chain. Such multi-ERP systems can dramatically increase your business and operational automation and reduce business friction by synchronizing the states of you as a buyer or seller with partners using the same LSO Blockchain implementation.

MEF LSO Blockchain advantages:

  • Participation in digital supply chains for increased revenue.
  • Higher quality customer experience.
  • Reduced capex (capital expenses) and opex (operational expenses).
  • Broader range of on-demand services.

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LSO Smart Contracts

LSO Smart Contracts are open standard implementations in software of typical elements in Master Service Agreements between buyer and sellers. MEF has taken the lead in the telecom industry by facilitating agreement on business requirements and use cases for smart contracts and enabling their implementation in open standard environments on public-private blockchains under zero knowledge to ensure both privacy and scalability.

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Integrated Trust Network

The Integrated Trust Network (ITN) is the industry’s first multi-ecosystem decentralized identity service based on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) DID standards. By definition, no one company can create a truly decentralized identity service supporting self-sovereign identities for organizations, individuals, applications, IoT devices and even virtual components of NaaS.

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