Service Automation

Secure, dynamic services across an automated ecosystem.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Automation has become critical to delivering cloud-like customer experiences—east-west between service providers and connected partners, data center companies, enterprise customers, and cloud providers, and north-south within service providers.

Service providers are striving to empower customers with a better user experience, optimized to meet a diverse range of connectivity, cloud access, application performance, visibility, control, and cybersecurity requirements in multi-cloud and work-from-anywhere environments.

Service providers, technology solution providers, and industry organizations are collaborating to build a standards-based ecosystem that accelerates service delivery across multiple providers, speeds time to revenue, improves customer experience, and powers new innovations like secure Network-as-a-Service (NaaS).

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Paradigm Shift—Automating Business Functions Between Service Providers

Organizations working to orchestrate the automated ecosystem are guided by a common desire to create a frictionless environment that will generate new business opportunities for all ecosystem participants and increase their business agility to deal with constant change.

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Building a Frictionless Automated Ecosystem

First and foremost, service providers want to deliver with the speed and simplicity that enterprises have come to expect after using cloud-based services. This expectation means not only seamlessly delivering dynamic services when and where enterprises want them, but also providing visibility into service performance end-to-end regardless of customer location. In a major change for the industry, it also means enabling enterprise software developers, enterprise applications, and enterprise systems to directly interact with retail service provider networks via standardized APIs—a big leap forward in innovation compared to the interaction via proprietary portals commonplace today.

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LSO APIs—Automating the Service Lifecycle

Enterprises need agility, assuredness, and automation from their network-based services. To meet this need, MEF has developed the Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) framework, with a set of open standard APIs that enable end-to-end automation and orchestration, across multiple service providers. LSO forms the basis for enabling software-defined digital services with full business automation throughout the digital services ecosystem.

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LSO Blockchain

LSO Blockchain enables a highly trustable secure on-demand multi-ERP system between you and one or more of your trusted partners in a digital supply chain.

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Implementing LSO APIs

MEF offers programs and resources to help buyers and sellers to accelerate the development and implementation of LSO APIs for frictionless business, freeing up internal resources and resulting in high-quality customer experience and faster time to revenue.

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