Service Automation

Frictionless, end-to-end service automation.

Automating Digital Services

Aligning business and technology within a service provider’s domain is critical for both maximizing the enterprise customer experience as well as driving operational excellence. The value of this alignment is multiplied when delivering enterprise digital and connectivity services across multiple providers.

The automation and orchestration of both business and technology—both within, and between service providers, intersecting with cloud providers—should deliver a seamless, unified experience for the digital enterprise.

LSO APIs—Automating Lifecycle Service Orchestration

With the arrival of SDN/NFV and cloud-computing, enterprises needed agility, assuredness, and automation from their networks. MEF membership responded with the creation of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), a reference architecture and framework for enabling end-to-end automation and orchestration, across multiple provider networks. This LSO framework forms the basis for enabling software-defined digital services, from commercial interactions to operational level inter-provider automation, as well as intra-provider automation from orchestrator, to controller, to infrastructure.

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Implementing LSO APIs

MEF offers programs and resources to help buyers and sellers to accelerate the development and implementation of LSO APIs for service automation, within and between providers and enterprises—freeing up internal resources and resulting in faster time to revenue.

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