LSO Smart Contracts

Frictionless, end-to-end business automation of services throughout digital supply chains.

MEF’s LSO Smart Contracts

MEF is the first standards body to introduce open standard smart contracts into the telecom industry together with open standard APIs for business automation between participants in supply chains, as well as a trusted operating environment to use those smart contracts.

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Example: A valuable example of an open standard LSO Smart Contract is that being used for enabling automated SLA Credit Reporting with inputs from both the buyer (e.g., open trouble ticket, close ticket ticket) and the seller (e.g., start of scheduled maintenance, end of scheduled maintenance). Industry-recognized standardized algorithms with data passed over open standard LSO APIs dramatically reduces manual intervention and costs, while improving the customer experience.

What Can I Achieve with LSO Smart Contracts?

LSO Smart Contracts save buyers and sellers participating in digital supply chains the effort of agreeing on a pairwise basis the use of shared trusted code running on blockchain. Just as open standard LSO APIs eliminate the need to develop and maintain N*N versions of APIs, LSO Smart Contracts eliminate the need to agree and use N*N versions of Solidity or other smart contract code.

MEF LSO Smart Contract advantages:

  • Availability of a broader range of dynamic digital services.
  • More complex supply chains supporting optimized end to end services.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Enhanced customer experience.

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