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Frictionless enterprise management of digital services.

MEF LSO Allegro APIs

Within the LSO Framework, LSO Allegro APIs address the enterprise customer-to-operations layer of operational interactions with the service provider for delivered MEF standard services, like performance monitoring and fault management. They support end-to-end automation and orchestration of digital services at the LSO Allegro Interface Reference Point in the LSO Reference Architecture.

LSO Allegro APIs combine operational API functionalities with service payloads (data schema). For example, MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet services can be orchestrated using LSO Allegro and LSO Interlude APIs for full end-to-end service automation at the operational layer of Carrier Ethernet services across multiple providers within a supply chain. This combination drastically enhances an enterprise’s visibility into their digital services.

The related LSO Allegro SDK and standards can be used with a range of MEF-standardized services.

Diagram LSO APIs for Operational Automation

LSO Allegro Interface Reference Point

LSO Allegro is the reference point in the LSO Framework between the service orchestration layer of the service provider and the customer, enabling control-related management interactions.

diagram MEF LSO Framework

What Can I Achieve with LSO Allegro APIs?

Either standalone, or together with LSO Interlude APIs, LSO Allegro automates digital services end-to-end—from the subscriber through to the service provider and any partner operators.

LSO Allegro APIs support operations automation of a range of MEF services, thus empowering the enterprise with self-service control of digital services.

MEF LSO Allegro API advantages:

  • Empower enterprise subscribers with frictionless self-service control of digital services.
  • Improve visibility of enterprise visibility into in-flight services.
  • Avoid costly, non-scalable proprietary interfaces that may lock the enterprise into a single service provider.
  • Enable end-to-end service automation across multiple providers.
  • Accelerate problem solving and minimize human intervention in the user experience.

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Technical Standards & SDKs:

LSO Framework Release ‘Fergie’ — 2023 Jun

Product Portfolio: LSO Allegro, LSO Cantata, LSO Legato, LSO Sonata, LSO Presto, LSO Interlude

The theme of this release is the complete Business APIs Suite (by adding Product Catalog and Product Offering Availability and Pricing Discovery APIs). It also enriches the Operational API Suite by adding Performance Monitoring and Passive Statistics and Streaming Management.

Learn More

MEF 136 Allegro, Interlude and Legato Service Function Testing Business Requirements & Use Cases — 2023 Apr

Product Portfolio: LSO Allegro, LSO Legato, LSO Interlude

This document defines the Business Requirements and Use Cases to support Service Function Testing (SFT) at the Allegro, Interlude, and Legato Interface Reference Points.

Learn More

MEF 133 Allegro, Interlude and Legato Fault Management and Performance Monitoring BR&UC — 2023 Feb

Product Portfolio: LSO Allegro, LSO Legato, LSO Interlude

This document defines the Business Requirements and Use Cases to support Performance Moni-toring at the Allegro, Interlude and Legato Interface Reference Points (IRPs).

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