LSO Marketplace

Easy access to the latest LSO APIs and resources.

Facilitating Adoption of LSO APIs

MEF’s LSO Marketplace is a one-stop-shop site for tools, programs, groups, and resources intended to accelerate the LSO API implementation journey for companies considering or currently using LSO APIs.

The Marketplace offers easy access to LSO APIs and related resources and programs that empower service providers to fast-track decision making around LSO API adoption and implementation. The site also provides developers with access to current and upcoming APIs and SDKs, developer guides, LSO Payloads, the LSO Payload Handbook, and information on the MEF LSO API Onboarding and Interop Test (OIT) Service and MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata Certification Program.

The LSO Marketplace is available at

What Can I Achieve on the LSO Marketplace?

The LSO Marketplace offers convenient access to the latest tools, resources, and services to speed adoption and implementation of LSO APIs.

LSO Marketplace Advantages for the ICT Industry:

  • Faster decision making around LSO API implementation.
  • Easy access to LSO APIs, documentation and developer guides.

Be In the Know

Engage with the latest resources to speed LSO API adoption and implementation.

A membership in MEF unlocks all the members-only SDK work in progress and priority access to the LSO Developer Community Manager with enhanced development support of MEF APIs. Access extended LSO SDK repositories on the LSO Marketplace, exclusive to MEF members.

All employees of active MEF-member companies are authorized to access MEF Members’ content. Not a member? Join MEF. Not sure? Contact Us.

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