A New Breed of Enterprise Cloud Network Automation

Addressing the paradigm shift from traditional enterprise networking to fully distributed cloud networks that span multiple provider networks.

NaaS Accelerator Flat Hammer

A significant transformation from vertical to horizontally integrated Enterprise Networks is taking place. This transformative involves retail providers and managed service providers (MSPs) leveraging network services from a diverse range of partner providers who are co-located or interconnected at shared points of presence.

This new approach to building Enterprise Networks brings new  requirements for seamless, automated negotiation and management of network services between retail providers and their ecosystem of partner providers. These networks encompass a wide array of suppliers offering various service components, including last-mile access, inter-connectivity, transit/multi-cloud core, cloud services, security, and applications.

Flat Hammer aims to address these challenges and demonstrate the ability to:

  • Offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for procuring and managing the whole Enterprise as a Service through a single unified interface
  • Establish intuitive and standardized methods for sourcing and operating services provided by different types of service providers within the Enterprise Cloud Networks.

The project will leverage innovative techniques and advanced orchestration capabilities to facilitate optimal buying decisions based on policies, criteria, and various factors.

The project will be executed in phases, with the initial phase focusing on establishing standard processes and APIs for negotiating and ordering products and services for e2e connectivity across multiple, provider networks. The adoption of these processes and APIs is fundamental to the success of these horizontally integrated networks. Subsequent phases will expand the project’s scope to encompass operational aspects, such as Performance Management and Trouble-ticketing.

Who benefits from this NaaS Accelerator?

  1. Those responsible for negotiating and managing multi-provider Enterprise Cloud Networks will gain a single pane of glass for managing the network. They can be the Enterprise Customers themselves or Service Provider Enterprise B2B Managed Services or Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) business units.
  2. Those providers who offer wholesale B2B services that are used in the delivery of Enterprise Cloud Networks.

What is the primary output of this NaaS Accelerator?

A streamlined, standardized means for negotiating and managing Enterprise Cloud Networks.

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The significance of this project lies in its potential to transform enterprise networking and IT environments by providing standardized methods, streamlined operations, and enhanced scalability, ultimately driving growth and competitiveness in the market.


The management of the emerging Enterprise Network which spans across many Service Providers is far more complex than a traditional Enterprise Network that’s delivered by a single provider. Those providers currently operate in silos with different management systems, processes, APIs and ways of doing business. Thus, it is difficult to provide a single pane of glass, a uniform manners to manage all different services Enterprise Customers need.

Near Future

The ultimate project goal is to enable efficient negotiation of products/services with supplier partners and ensure real-time operation of these services, all while presenting a unified view of the Enterprise Network. By achieving this vision, we can drive enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the rapidly evolving landscape of Enterprise Cloud Networking.

Action Needed

Design, implementation, and testing.

Without This Accelerator

The Horizontally Integrated Cloud Networks paradigm shift will be slowed down by the lack of a uniform manners to offer and manage services from different Service Providers.

Accelerator Participants

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