LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test Service

Achieving production-ready LSO API interoperability faster and more efficiently.

The OIT Service is made available by Amartus, a MEF-Authorized Test and Certification Partner. Learn more about the MEF OIT Service, and the benefits it offers service providers to accelerate LSO Sonata adoption, from Amartus’ Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Kearns:

The LSO Sonata Adoption Lifecycle

The MEF OIT Service moves service providers through the implementation and partner onboarding stages of the LSO Sonata Adoption Lifecycle, including the critical “Develop and Test” and “Production” phases, with the end goal of achieving production-ready interoperability with multiple partners in a significantly reduced timeframe.

diagram MEF LSO Adoption Lifecycle with Phases

What Can I Achieve with the LSO API Onboarding & Interoperability Test Service?

The OIT Service results in significant reductions in time and effort for LSO Sonata implementation readiness and partner onboarding, allowing several partners to be onboarded in parallel. This efficiency results in faster LSO Sonata compliance, accelerated time to revenue, and reduced costs.

MEF OIT Service advantages:

  • Achieve familiarization with LSO APIs faster.
  • Independently implement and test compliance.
  • Test partner-specific configurations.
  • Test with emulators at any time.
  • Onboard many partners in parallel.
  • Develop and test against new LSO releases.

For Buyers

Buyers need an efficient, cost-effective method to onboard and maintain interoperability with many sellers. Through the buyer emulator, the MEF OIT Service increases the number of partners that can be onboarded in parallel by an order of magnitude, as well as increasing the range and reach of services through partners. Faster onboarding enables service providers to expand coverage more quickly, leading to greater enterprise customer satisfaction.

For Sellers

Sellers need assistance to gain priority to get onboarded with buyers faster. Through the Seller emulator, the MEF OIT Service enables providers to achieve LSO Sonata compliance faster and with less effort. Faster onboarding accelerates revenue for the seller.

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