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As a professional organization in the information and communications technology industry, you are already in the MEF community. By becoming a MEF member, you join over 200 leading global organizations, collaborating to address the industry’s business challenges to empower enterprise digital transformation. A membership in MEF brings your organization even closer to the heart of the network service industry and demonstrates that you are not just a part of the community but truly In the Industry.

What Can I Achieve with MEF Membership?

Be In the Know

Discover and Understand: Sometimes day-to-day information-sharing within an ecosystem fails to connect all the dots as efficiently and transparently as it could. A membership in MEF gives you access to the insight you need to understand where the industry community is headed. MEF members are truly In the Know.

  • Tap into discussions and debates; ask questions; see multiple perspectives.
  • Access formal and informal knowledge, like members-exclusive market research.
  • Reach subject-matter experts from multiple disciplines and areas.
  • Discover what’s coming down the pipeline.
  • Understand the needs of potential customers.

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What Can I Achieve with MEF Membership?

Be In the Market

Position and Educate: With major stakeholders from across the globe participating as members, MEF provides an excellent opportunity to engage more deeply within the market outside of traditional channels. MEF members are truly In the Market.

  • Educate the membership about your role, goals, and objectives.
  • Open new channels to connect with partners, customers, and suppliers.
  • Position your organization with a global audience.
  • Exchange ideas, perspectives, and requirements at exclusive events.
  • Increase brand visibility through sponsorship opportunities.

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Be In the Market

Be In the Business

Certify and Accelerate: MEF’s certification program is recognized by stakeholders in the ICT community and included in RFx language for procurement of both services and technology. From RFPs for Carrier Ethernet access providers, to SD-WAN technology for managed service development and deployment, MEF members are truly In the Business.

  • Demonstrate integrity that enhances customer confidence.
  • Expand your addressable market.
  • Differentiate from competitors by certifying your services and technology.
  • Help fast-track service launches.
  • Accelerate business processes, like buying, selling, hiring, and product development.

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Be In the Business

Be In the Standard

Influence and Lead: MEF members influence and lead the market by fully engaging to develop and evolve MEF products: its Standards and SDKs. From commenting on project artifacts, to initiating new projects and MEF product development, MEF members are truly In the Standard.

  • Leverage the forum to solve shared business challenges.
  • Position your organization as an industry leader.
  • Maximize alignment between internal strategies and the market.
  • Create new markets by introducing, guiding, and influencing standards.
  • Lead industry collaboration and consensus.

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Be In the Standard

Be in the Industry

As a MEF member you are truly In the Industry.

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Principal Membership
Fee: 19750 USD

MEF is composed primarily of Principal Members. Principal Members have full voting and participation rights in the membership and are able to take full advantage of the benefits of MEF membership and engagement. You’ll connect with leading global organizations, collaborating to address the industry’s key business challenges.

  • MEF provides both principal and startup memberships. 
  • Membership is for a period of 12 months and renews annually.
  • For more details, see our Bylaws.

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Startup Membership
Fee: 5750 USD

Startup Membership enhances MEF with participation from new companies that may not yet have the finances to pursue Principal Membership status but have significant engagement goals. Startup members are not allowed to vote; to retain membership, they must be active in at least one working committee.

  • Startup membership is restricted to companies less than five (5) years old.
  • After 3 years, Startup Members transfer to a Principal Membership at the full fee.
  • For more details, see our Bylaws.

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