MEF 3.0 LSO API Certification

Demonstrating rigorous conformance to MEF standards.

MEF Certified LSO APIs

MEF 3.0 Certifications for LSO APIs will play an important role in accelerating the industry transformation to dynamic services across a global federation of automated networks. These certifications validate that APIs at the LSO Sonata interface and orchestration-ready services can interact in a seamless, standardized manner between business partners worldwide.

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What Can I Achieve with MEF 3.0 LSO API Certification?

A highly visible mark of compliance to globally-recognized MEF inter-provider automation standards, all certified APIs and their providers are listed in the LSO API Certification Registry.

Certifying your LSO APIs delivers:

  • Accelerated readiness for inter-provider business-function automation.
  • Improved value proposition for your wholesale offerings.
  • Preferred status with major buyers for API implementation scheduling.
  • Reduced in-house testing requirements and costs.

Explore MEF 3.0 LSO API Certification

MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata API Certification

Explore MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata API Certification

LSO API Certification Registry

See a list of all active MEF members holding a MEF 3.0 LSO API Certification and its details.

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