SLA Report Automation

Service providers automating the generation of accurate and trusted SLA credit reports using smart contracts.

NaaS Accelerator Wolf Town

This NaaS Accelerator has developed a open reference smart contract to automate the generation of monthly SLA credit reports to free up valuable telecom staff currently tasked with preparing reports manually. The smart contract is available to MEF members.

The smart contract takes trouble ticket status inputs from the Seller and Buyer, as well as scheduled maintenance and force majeure data from the Seller. It then calculates the SLA credits owed to the Buyer according to the SLA in the Master Service Agreement (MSA).

Who benefits from this NaaS Accelerator?

Service providers that want to free up human resources allocated to generating SLA credit reports so that they can be assigned to other key areas of the business.

What is the primary output of this project?

Open source smart contract developed in Solidity that can run on EVMs (Ethereum Virtual Machines).

Is the smart contract suitable for use by both Buyer and Seller?

Yes. It provides reports that would otherwise be developed manually both within the Buyer and within the Seller.

What are the key technologies used?

MEF open source smart contract written in Solidity; LSO APIs; Ethereum testnet (goerli).

Why is running the smart contract under zero knowledge being considered?

Using a zkEVM environment provides several advantages including guaranteed data privacy including on the public chain and reduced costs for using the chain.

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Generating SLA credit reports is currently a manual process in most telecoms and very burdensome and consumes significant amounts of staff resources. By using smart contracts that are trusted by both Buyer and Seller, telecom Buyers and Sellers will be able to free up expensive personnel that can then be allocated to other projects in the organization. Additionally, disputes can be minimized further increasing productivity and improving customer experience.


The first two project participants—Orchest and Sparkle—are pioneering in the area of open source smart contracts to increase productivity and customer experience.

Near Future

In April 2023, the project will show how the Seller's scheduled maintenance and force majeure events can be automatically included in the calculations of the SLA credits in the Buyer's report. The results of more investigation into the possibility of calculating proofs under zero knowledge which are then stored on the public chain instead of the original data for incidents. In addition, a trouble ticketing system will be prototyped that will offer integration with existing workflows for handling credits requests.

Action Needed

Increase the number of project participants so that their respective legal, financial and operations teams can support the development of consensus around the design and use of the smart contract for generating SLA credit reports for their company.

Without This Accelerator

SLAs will become increasingly hard to enforce because of the lack of scalability in calculating the credits owed accurately. This will eventually reduce the customer experience and limit the availability of new dynamic high value products in the Buyer and Seller portfolios.

Accelerator Participants

Buyer and Seller Using Smart Contract to Automatically Generate SLA Credit Reports

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