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Certifying Cybersecurity Technologies

Enterprises individually face the third largest economy of the world after those of the US and China—the cybercrime economy that is growing 15% each year. It was a $3 trillion industry in 2015 and will grow to a $10.5 trillion industry by 2025. The cybercrime economy already costs the real and productive global economy a trillion dollars in damages annually.

Enterprises also face a bewildering range of cybersecurity technology solutions that tackle different layers and areas of the cyberthreat landscape, as well as increasing demands for compliance from regulators, shareholders, and insurance companies.

In response to these major challenges for enterprises worldwide, leading cybersecurity technology solution providers have helped MEF to develop and publish industry standards and drive a new certification program* underpinned by those standards. Together, these standards and certification program help enterprises protect themselves in the constantly evolving worlds of cybercrime and cybersecurity.

*The program is currently in beta phase and will enter general availability in 2024.

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MEF Cybersecurity Standards

MEF has published standards in three core areas of cybersecurity—SASE, Zero Trust, and SD-WAN.

These MEF standards enable all stakeholders to use the same terminology and core concepts on which to build solutions that shrink the attack surface of enterprises by minimizing vulnerabilities introduced by bespoke, proprietary approaches to cybersecurity.

MEF 3.0 Cybersecurity Certification

MEF 3.0 SASE Certification

SASE Certification = SD-WAN Certification + SSE Certification + Zero Trust Certification

SASE Certification = SD-WAN Certification + SSE Certification + Zero Trust Certification

MEF’s approach to cybersecurity certification of technology solution providers is modular.

Under the unifying umbrella of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), solution providers can certify their solutions’ effectiveness in the following scorecard categories:

  • WAN impairments
  • Scale performance
  • Classification verification
  • Threat protection
  • TLS/SSL functionality
  • Zero trust network access
  • Conformance to MEF standards

Based on the score achieved, the certifying company achieves a badge displayed on the MEF website.

What Can I Achieve with MEF 3.0 Cybersecurity Certification?

MEF 3.0 Cybersecurity certifications for technologies enables technology suppliers to establish a standards-compliant presence within a federation of automated networks.

Cybersecurity Certification advantages:

  • Validated performance excellence.
  • Competitive differentiation.

MEF’s Cybersecurity Certification Partner is a nonprofit organization formed by former executives from NSS Labs to provide transparency through testing.

NSS Labs was an independent analysis and testing company recognized around the world for its fact-based cybersecurity guidance. Vikram Phatak, founder of, was CEO of NSS Labs from 2007–2018.

Launched in December 2020, CyberRatings acquired the assets of NSS Labs to jump start its testing program. Initial testing began in a dedicated data center followed by a physical lab now running in Austin, Texas.

CyberRatings proprietary ratings system (similar to Moody’s) provides guidance on products and services capabilities in a language understood by all.

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