Why an Accredited Training Partner is the Best Route for MEF Certification

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MEF’s company certifications and professional certifications impart the expertise required to execute business objectives within and develop optimal solutions for the digital economy. The best way to successfully achieve a MEF certification is through the help of an Accredited Training Partner (ATP), like The Academy or Lumious. Leaders from both organizations discuss the benefits of achieving MEF certification through their online learning platforms.

The Academy MEF Accredited Training Partner 

The Academy has trained over 6,000 of MEF’s community of certified professionals in Carrier Ethernet, SDN/NFV, and SD-WAN. Founder and President Craig Easley explained that utilizing an ATP to prepare for MEF certifications gives professionals the confidence they need to succeed:

“Many professionals who try to go it alone with self study inefficiently spend time on subjects unrelated to the certifications, or study ineffectively and waste countless hours of study time only to go on to fail the exam,” states Easley. 

Easley adds that an ATP gives you access to an expert in the field who will ensure that your time spent preparing for your certification exam is productive and focused. 

He noted that, in this digital learning world, the same in-person ATP experience is shared safely via remote learning platforms. While there were hesitations early in the shift to remote learning, Easley said that students enrolled through The Academy love the platform and, as a result, there has actually been an increase in enrollment and the number of students who pass the program.

Lumious MEF Accredited Training Partner

Lumious, another ATP that prepares students for MEF certification, has also seen great success in its virtual learning program. Senior Account Manager Cynthia Porter noted that, in addition to the ease of the virtual program, companies can take advantage of the cost savings associated with remote learning:

“No longer are you spending your travel budget on sending employees to training classes, and students are not spending extra time commuting to the training center.” Porter added, “These cost benefits stretch your training funds to allow for more employees to attend training, accelerating their personal growth and strengthening their job performance.”

Online Certification Benefits

In addition to cost savings with the new virtual platforms, there are also savings when enrolling in the MEF Professional Certification Corporate Program. Through the corporate program, you can save money by having multiple employees from one company enrolled in a certification exam for a lesser fee. It’s healthy on the budget and, according to Easley, it encourages camaraderie between employees

“It’s more productive, motivating, and fun to study for a MEF certification with your colleagues,” Easley said. “Consider engaging in a group certification project by scheduling a class of your peers and colleagues so that you can all go through the course and certification process together.”

After achieving MEF certifications, companies in the Lumious program shared with Porter the following additional certification benefits

  • Demonstrates the deep knowledge base of an individual. 
  • Exhibits the operational efficiency and readiness to support customer growth. 
  • Displays strong critical thinking skills to support speed to recovery for customers that face network downtime.

Easley noted a fourth key benefit to MEF certification is increased productivity and effectiveness:

“MEF certified professionals have an expert-level understanding of MEF standards and, more importantly, are able to apply them to real-world network design, migration, and implementation opportunities,” Easley said. “Being an expert in MEF technologies and concepts leads to immediate reduction in the time and associated costs of working with customers and partners to clearly understand their requirements, and working to architect and operationalize solutions that meet those requirements the first time.”

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Learn more about MEF certifications, watch our new video, and start your journey towards certification with an ATP at: MEF.net/certify/

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Kirby Russell

Kirby Russell

Director, MEF Professional Certification | MEF

Kirby has been with MEF for 14 years as its Director of Professional Certification. Prior to that, Kirby worked in multiple roles at Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications, Cisco Systems, and Advanced Computer Communications, and holds a B.A. in Organizational Communications from Pepperdine University.