Disruptive Innovation and LSO APIs: Shifting the Mindset 

Colt Technology Services’ Vice President, Mirko Voltolini, discusses how MEF LSO APIs provide the common language needed for both inter-provider automation within the service provider ecosystem, as well as intra-provider connectivity within the enterprise stack. What does it take to shift the industry to an automation-first approach?

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Mirko Voltolini of Colt Technology Services:

  • How can one service provider aggregate and manage connectivity services on behalf of the enterprise in a truly on-demand, real-time fashion?    
  • Where does disruptive innovation fit in with ongoing improvements?
  • Why is API adoption not just about bringing in new technology, but about changing the way we operate and how do we manage it?
  • What can we achieve with LSO Sonata’s ability to extend the payload to cover any kind of service? 
  • Why is standardization important?

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