AI on the Edge: Data Served from Bento Boxes

Cachengo’s CEO, Ash Young, highlights the innovations in data storage with parallel processing that are empowering the deep neural networks required for AI computing and machine learning in the automotive industry and everything else right out on the edge–and how SD-WAN and the Integrated Trust Network are bringing it all together.  

In this Executives at the Edge podcast episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Ash Young of Cachengo:

  • Where do we process the many gigs of data collected at the edge by AI and how can bento and pizza boxes help?  
  • How can we effectively and efficiently analyze the data on location, and only transfer what’s relevant?  
  • How will SD-WAN help us to network services and hardware together in an easily scalable way?  
  • What’s the key to wide-scale adoption and interoperability?   
  • Can a truly interoperable solution exist and how can we trust it?

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