Experience-Led Transformation: How We Meet Customer Demands

ServiceNow’s Vice President, Rohit Batra, explains how purpose-built workflows can create a common platform for better customer engagement and service management. Can organizations work together to meet common challenges and share the value chain within a connected ecosystem? 

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Rohit Batra of ServiceNow:

  • Why is profitable growth at the top of customers’ minds and how can CSPs help enterprises achieve it? 
  • Can service providers verticalize core offerings to better interact with enterprise customers and partners? 
  • What is a “platform organization” and how can service providers and vendors alike open to it? 
  • When does process-driven architecture step in as a system of action rather than a system of record? 
  • Why is “we” philosophy at the heart of plugging into an interconnected ecosystem and how do we get to it?

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