In the Industry: The Future is Now

MEF President, Nan Chen, highlights the evolution from Carrier Ethernet to beyond the wide area network and into the realm of connected cloud computing, and how MEF’s newest standards and LSO automation APIs are paving the way. 

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Nan Chen of MEF:

  • What profound industry advancements are emerging?
  • How are MEF business and operational APIs empowering service providers and enterprises to build once and deploy everywhere?
  • How are MEF’s newest SASE and Zero Trust standards creating the common language needed to set the baseline for secure interoperability?
  • When and how does 5G come into play and who’s leading the charge?
  • Which one of MEF’s most recent accomplishments has been the most impactful?

Executives at the Edge podcast is brought to you by MEF, an industry association of 200 service, technology, and cloud providers who together accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

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