Integrating the IoT: Beyond the Yellow Submarine

Sparkle’s SVP, Daniele Mancuso, highlights how a company that built submarine cables has transformed to enable IoT connectivity by bundling LSO Sonata underlays with a highly intelligent overlay that classifies applications within an intelligent WAN—enabling a new business model, new revenue streams, and clear use cases on land and sea.

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Daniele Mancuso of Sparkle:

  • Where does connectivity intersect with cloud, edge services, edge computing, IoT, and security?
  • How can service providers horizontally integrate with vertical services using east-west capabilities to enable the Internet of Things?
  • Why is Web 3.0 based on distributed intelligence through distributed ledger technology?
  • What role do decentralized digital IDs with verified credentials play in an Integrated Trust Network? 
  • Why can’t telecoms do it all and why don’t we have to?

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