Network-as-a-Service: The Utility of Networking

Frost & Sullivan’s Senior Industry Director, Steve Thomas, explores the rise of NaaS adoption, driven by its OpEx model, dynamic scalability, and alignment with cloud-enabled technologies like SD-WAN and SASE. How is NaaS changing the way businesses procure and manage their networks?

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In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Steve Thomas of Frost & Sullivan:

  • What benefits does NaaS offer businesses in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, and procurement?
  • What shift occurring in the telecom industry supports the rise of NaaS?
  • How does NaaS compare to traditional CapEx cost structure?
  • What impact do APIs and automation have on NaaS service offerings?
  • How does the user-friendly approach of NaaS align with the trend of consumerization in IT services?

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