Satellite Tech: Beyond Earth’s Business Horizons

Kratos’ SVP of Product Management, Greg Quiggle, explores the transformative impact of satellites on global connectivity. Increased bandwidth and reduced costs lead to business opportunities, including standardized carrier ethernet, cloud connectivity, and 5G support. Will broader satellite industry integration usher in edge computing in space, AI in the stars, and internet powered by satellites?

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Greg Quiggle of Kratos:

  • How has digital transformation enhanced satellite technology?
  • What business opportunities does this transformation enable for service providers in the satellite and telecom industry?
  • How does the shift to standards-based services benefit satellite operators and service providers?
  • What benefits does Carrier Ethernet—a new technology to some in the satellite industry—provide to service providers and their customers?
  • What role does automation play in integrating satellite services with the carrier ecosystem?

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