Telco Clouds: Putting Virtual Networks to the Test

Spirent Communications’ CTO, Dave Larson, explores how telecom providers are overcoming the technical debt associated with tightly integrated virtual private networks to leverage the cloud’s virtualized framework. 

In this Executives at the Edge podcast episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Dave Larson of Spirent Communications:

  • What do public clouds lack that telco operators still need and how do they get it?  
  • Why is testing system infrastructure and security in development through to production so difficult? 
  • How can they test and validate these critical infrastructure components virtualized in software?
  • What happens when a portion of the Kubernetes framework, a pod, or individual element goes down? How do things recalibrate? How do we recover? 
  • How does Zero Trust help to move the cybersecurity problem past the stack of capabilities to a higher level?

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