Telecom Carrier Insights: Deciphering Network Evolution

Vertical Systems Group Principal and Co-Founder, Rosemary Cochran, explores how telecom carrier landscapes are adapting to evolving enterprise network trends and shifting network paradigms. With ethernet’s enduring relevance and SD-WAN’s evolution into SASE, how do emerging technologies like SSE influence the competitive dynamics within the carrier landscape and which providers are leading the charge? 

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Rosemary Cochran of Vertical Systems Group:

  • How are carriers adapting to meet the increasing demands for connectivity in enterprise networks? 
  • How do catalysts such as cost, control, and cybersecurity influence enterprise network migration strategies? 
  • How are carriers integrating SD-WAN and SASE into their service offerings? 
  • What strategies are carriers employing to address the growing concerns around cybersecurity in enterprise networks? 
  • What innovations or technologies are carriers implementing to address the changing needs of enterprise networks?
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