Application-Optimized SD-WAN

Automated integration of Kubernetes-hosted applications using Cloud Native SD-WAN.

MEF 3.0 PoC (136)

MEF SD-WAN service provided using Cloud Native SD-WAN, illustrating integration between MEF SD-WAN and Kubernetes-hosted applications. The Cloud Native SD-WAN automates the workflow between NetOps and DevOps by mapping application-specific annotations to MEF SD-WAN application profiles and policies. This enables the use of multiple underlay networks with different performance characteristics to provide an optimized overlay network that meets the needs of the applications.​

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SD-WAN in the Age of Kubernetes and the Cloud Native SD-WAN Project: Highlights from MEF 3.0 PoC Showcase 2021

MEF 3.0 PoC (136) explores how two rising technologies, SD-WAN and Kubernetes, relate and the benefits that arise from deeper integration between them, from within the perspective of the MEF 3.0 SD-WAN standardization initiatives.

What can be achieved as a result of this PoC?

Rather than time-consuming error-prone coordination of service provider IT teams and application developers to ensure suitable SD-WAN configuration, Kubernetes-based applications can ‘advertise’ their requirements automatically to self-configuring SD-WAN services.


Combination of MEF standards and Linux Foundation open source projects demonstrating integration of vendor based and open source SD-WAN solutions providing standardized MEF SD-WAN services to cloud native workloads realized as Kubernetes-hosted applications.


Bridging the gap between fractured, over-hyped, proprietary SD-WAN solutions and the promise of dynamic, optimized networking for massively scalable cloud native application workloads by combining standardized MEF SD-WAN services and Kubernetes-hosted application workloads within the open source Cloud Native SD-WAN project.

Near Future

Automation of manually processes typically needed to communicate identification of application workloads from cloud application provider domain (DevOps) and map to desired networking policies in service provider domain (NetOps) through use of APIs communicated across standardized reference points in MEF LSO architecture.

Action Needed

SD-WAN APIs prototyped in this PoC need to be standardized within the MEF LSO architecture. Kubernetes APIs prototyped in this POC need to be adopted within the CNCF community.

Without This PoC

Without this PoC, manual configuration and proprietary APIs will continue to be used to create customized solutions to an industry need. Efforts by MEF to provide standardized SD-WAN service definitions and APIs will pass as ships in the night with efforts by CNCF to provide advanced networking for cloud native application workloads.

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PoC 136 Diagram - Application-Optimized SD-WAN

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