Orchestrated Multi-Edge Clouds

On-demand enterprise services orchestrated across public and private edge clouds.

MEF 3.0 PoC (131)

Demonstrates how CSPs can accelerate adoption of multi-edge cloud services through the orchestration of applications and connectivity on open edge compute platforms. Enterprise-oriented applications (e.g SD-WAN, IoT, 5G core) are purchased from a digital marketplace and automatically deployed across multiple cloud platforms (on-premise, network edge, and public cloud). By orchestrating edge clouds with existing underlay and overlay network services, including Wi-Fi, RAN, SD-WAN and cloud exchange, the PoC seamlessly connects the on-premise environment to the centralized cloud.

In The Spotlight

Building a Vertical Business Around Edge Cloud Services: Highlights from MEF 3.0 PoC Showcase 2021

In September 2020, NTT Communications, Netcracker, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, and ADVA joined together to explore the role and technical feasibility of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) offering managed edge cloud services and connectivity to enterprises and industry verticals. The resulting PoC is built around MEF’s LSO framework. They discuss the rationale, goals, and approach the team took.

What can be achieved as a result of this PoC?

Service providers can offer their enterprise customers on-demand managed services that offload the responsibility for multi-vendor system integration when using multi-edge cloud services. Enterprises can take advantage of a wide range of access technologies into those cloud edges.


The demand for edge cloud is increasing as enterprises continue to digitize and automate their businesses. However, as enterprises look to improve operational efficiency, their preference is to offload the responsibility for multi-vendor systems’ integration. This preference creates an opportunity for CSPs to offer on-demand, managed edge services and connectivity on open edge compute platforms that can be deployed in multiple locations.


To capture this new B2B opportunity, CSPs must integrate a diverse set of technologies across different domains into a single service. This includes such technologies as 5G, IoT, SD-WAN, SD-LAN/WiFi, underlay connectivity and security. It is the objective of NTT Communications and partners to prove the technical feasibility with a solution that automates E2E service provisioning and assurance across multi-edge clouds.

Near Future

With a single service subscription and SLA, enterprises can purchase on-demand edge cloud services from a CSP marketplace, including high-value MEC applications and all the required end-to-end connectivity, from a single pane of glass management. CSPs have expanded their value deeper into the enterprise market, creating new monetization opportunities.

Action Needed

Standardized LSO Interlude between cloud providers and CSP orchestration is required to simplify the integration. LSO Presto for SD-WAN and SD-LAN domains also need further improvement and adoption by vendors.

Without This PoC

Managed edge cloud services will require significant effort and expertise by enterprises due to technology fragmentation, operational complexity, and vendor lock-in that stalls innovation, resulting in the inability to meet the rapidly changing enterprise business needs.

PoC Participants

Juniper driven by Mist AI
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MEF 3.0 PoC Showcase


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