Revolutionizing Live Events

Enabling customized, immersive live video content over optimized network slices.

MEF 3.0 PoC (132)

Demonstrates a differentiated viewing experience for live events, enabled over an optimized network slice, to deliver customized and immersive video content.​ It leverages the latest in video technology, edge compute-based AI/ML, MEF-based network slicing and SD-WAN performance, and zone concepts, to both autonomously generate content and deliver personalized and unique video views over the enterprise network.

What can be achieved as a result of this PoC?

Service providers can take advantage of network slicing together with high-performance MEC in order to create and distribute compelling high volume, high margin individualized entertainment services.


To change the way video content can be distributed, leveraging network slicing across a business infrastructure and provide an immersive and personalized live video experience from events across an enterprise network and inside the venue. ​It will leverage AI and ML to autonomously select, and produce video content and efficiently distribute and actively measure it across the network to enterprise venues, using network slicing and SD-WAN performance and zone concepts.​


Recent impacts of social distancing are driving rapid change in the integration of the event and in-home experience, to provide a more personalized, immersive and unique perspective across the sports and entertainment industry. These led to the desire to explore alternate performance-based options to deliver real-time content across the Spectrum Enterprise network.​

Near Future

Use AI/ML to deliver on the market demand for personalized and automatically generated ​live video content across the network using MEF-defined functionality that drives efficient use of network capabilities and resources.​

Action Needed

Drive efficiencies into large data edge compute. Deliver content across the Spectrum Enterprise network using network slicing for on-demand connectivity. Use an SD-WAN-based network with MEF-defined performance and zone attributes for off-net delivery.

Without This PoC

Organizations miss the opportunity to fulfill consumers’ evolving viewing habits for sports ​and entertainment.​

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