SD-WAN with 5G & Network Slicing

Cashier-less automated check-out and smart workload placement across the Edge.

MEF 3.0 PoC (133)

Demonstrates end-to-end lifecycle management of AT&T SD-WAN with 5G network slicing solution for cashier-less automated check-out use cases and smart workload placement across edge or HCP cloud locations that can be used for: healthcare, retail, automotive, and education channel customers.

133 - AT&T SD-WAN


The combination of AT&T SD-WAN, VMWare’s hosted gateway and scalable architecture, Ericsson’s dynamic orchestration platform, and AT&T 5G slicing technology enables customers to implement use cases requiring high resilience and efficiency.


With the rapid growth of AT&T FlexWare and the SD-WAN portfolio, AT&T has successfully demonstrated the ability to deploy state-of-the-art SDN/NFV & SD-WAN network solutions globally. Technology innovation and closed-loop service assurance models will help us solve many customer network challenges while continuing to improve customer experience.

Near Future

As we continue to expand and integrate AT&T SD-WAN with the AT&T 5G network, this PoC helps showcase our latest SD-WAN multi-domain orchestration platform to work with 5G Network Slicing, based on forward-looking use cases.

Action Needed

Through this PoC, learn and understand customer needs and work with customers to help efficiently deliver and manage the advanced use cases. Customers are trying to figure out which advanced use cases they need to deploy. This solution will allow them to try out new services at will and fail faster if it doesn’t work.

Without This PoC

Enterprise customers will not be able to implement innovative and high value use cases that demand high performance in a cost effective and flexible manner without effective integrations of 5G slicing, SD-WAN and orchestration as demonstrated in this PoC.

PoC Participants

Velocloud VMware
PoC 133 Diagram

What Are the Takeaways for MEF and its Members?

Service providers can deliver high margin cashier-less automated checkout services in the healthcare, retail, automotive and education market segments using a combination of SD-WAN, 5G, network slicing and smart workload placement in the Edge.

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