The Ubiquitous Edge

Enabling the user to connect securely from anywhere and with any end point.

MEF 3.0 PoC (135)

Networks have become ubiquitous. The need of the hour is to connect real time, from anywhere, with any endpoint securely. Our solution showcases multiple scenarios applicable to a secure ubiquitous enterprise and how AT&T, Cisco and Ericsson have come together to address business/network challenges, technology integration, and operational issues in a seamless solution.

MEF 3.0 PoC (135) demonstrates a managed SASE Service that enables users to connect securely from any location to any endpoint in the cloud or in enterprise locations, based on the principles being developed and defined in the latest SASE work in MEF. Security functions, SD-WAN services, policies, and orchestration are integrated to form a complete service that enables enterprises to transition away from a perimeter-oriented, security approach to a secure, ubiquitous edge paradigm.

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Empowering the Ubiquitous Edge: Highlights from MEF 3.0 PoC Showcase 2021

As network and security boundaries morph, and converge into a single managed SASE Service offering from the cloud, AT&T, Cisco, and Ericsson, collaborate to address the challenges by utilizing a combination of AT&T’s network infrastructure, Cisco’s SD-WAN and security solutions, and Ericsson’s vendor agnostic orchestration platform in this pivotal use case.

What can be achieved as a result of this PoC?

Service providers can take the burden off enterprises for the security and performance of access of users in any location that are accessing services in the cloud. The paradigm of sending traffic over VPN to an enterprise data center is being replaced by the SASE paradigm.


Networks have become ubiquitous and the need to connect in real time, from anywhere, and with any end point, is the market expectation. With growing accessibility, there is a greater emphasis on security and asset protection.


The need for the Ubiquitous Edge is now. With a majority of employees working from home, enterprises have placed a high priority on connecting and securing their workforce. Changing traffic flows have made the traditional security perimeters irrelevant, and the convergence of reliable connectivity and secure edges is required to support the new normal.

Near Future

Remote teleworking has accelerated enterprise transformation and blurred boundaries across networks, infrastructure, and applications.

Action Needed

SASE architecture needs to be expanded to include additional security components to protect from all threat vectors. Network and security guidelines for SASE need to be developed for organizations to follow. SASE implementation should be simple—the simpler the solution, the greater the adoption.

Without This PoC

Security and network architectures are evolving and converging as a single, managed offering from the cloud. Without this POC, service providers will lack the capability to orchestrate and manage a complex network optimally and securely.

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