Product Portfolio: Service Standards

MEF 88 Draft Release 1 MEF 88 Draft Release 1 Application Security for SD-WAN Services — 2020 Aug

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN

This document specifies the Policy Criteria needed to add Application Security to SD-WAN Services. As such, it is based on the framework specified in MEF 70.1.

Specifically, security functions and related actions are defined, each of which can be applied per Application Flow. These security functions include:

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MEF 70.1 Draft Release 1 MEF 70.1 Draft Release 1 SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework — 2020 Aug

Primary Resource for: SD-WAN

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN

The SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework Standard defines the externally visible behavior of SD-WAN Services. A Service deployment is based on an agreement between an SD-WAN Subscriber (the buyer) and an SD-WAN Service Provider (the seller) that includes agreement on the values of a set of SD-WAN Service Attributes defined in this document.

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MEF 66 MEF 66 SOAM for IP Services — 2020 Jul

Product Portfolio: IP | Standard Type: SOAM Fault and Performance Measurement

This document specifies Service Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (SOAM) of IP Services described using the IP Service Attributes as defined in MEF 61.1. This covers both Fault Management (FM) and Performance Monitoring (PM) of IP services.

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MEF 82 MEF 82 MEF Services Model – Information Model for SD-WAN Services — 2020 Jul

Primary Resource for: Models

Product Portfolio: Models, SD-WAN | Standard Type: Information and Data Models

The MEF Services Model (MSM) is an information model representation of the constructs used to define MEF services (e.g., Carrier Ethernet, IP, Layer 1 and SD-WAN service).

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MEF 84 Draft Release 1 MEF 84 Draft Release 1 Network Slicing — 2020 Jul

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet

This Standard specifies Network Slicing in the context of MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) and MEF Services.

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SASE Services Framework — 2020 Jul

Primary Resource for: Security

Product Portfolio: Security

Tags: SD-WAN

This White Paper is aimed at both enterprises that are increasingly depending on digital services serving users in increasing numbers, types and locations, as well as the service providers that want to offer them security for those digital services.

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MEF 41.0.1 MEF 41.0.1 Amendment to MEF 41: Clarification of Generic Token Bucket Algorithm (GTBA) Behavior — 2020 Jul

Amends: 41

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet | Standard Type: Service Attributes

This standard amends MEF 41 to describe how differences in sequences of Token Requests can affect the application of parameters in the Generic Token Bucket Algorithm, and how this affects the overall rate of tokens shared among Ranks and hence the overall rate of Token Requests declared Green (or Yellow) at each Rank.

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MEF 90 MEF 90 SD-WAN Certification Test Requirements — 2020 Jul

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN | Standard Type: Test Requirements & Abstract Test Suites

The MEF SD-WAN Certification Test Requirements document specifies the testable requirements for the service attributes, functions and capabilities defined in the MEF SD-WAN Attributes and Service Standard (MEF 70).

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MEF 22.3.1 MEF 22.3.1 Amendment to MEF 22.3: Transport Services for Mobile Networks — 2020 Apr

Amends: 22.3

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet | Standard Type: Service Definitions

This amendment specifies changes to the baseline document MEF 22.3 to include the requirements for Ethernet Services that can be used as transport for 5G mobile networks. The services and requirements in this document are based on the Services defined in MEF 6.2 as well as the Service Attributes defined in MEF 10.3.

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Orchestrated MEF 3.0 Optical Transport Services — 2020 Mar

Primary Resource for: Optical Transport

Product Portfolio: Optical Transport

MEF is the first industry body to publish standards for Optical Transport services and their orchestration.

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