LSO Framework Release ‘Billie’

2021 Jun


The theme of this release is Ordering and Inventory: it delivers full coverage of Business Requirements, API and API Developer Guides for all above mentioned Sonata API functions.

  • All APIs have been reviewed and updated to follow their respective Business
    Requirements & Use Cases and Developer Guides documents
  • All API definitions are provided in OAS 3.0 standard.
  • New documents:
    • MEF W116 – LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Product Inventory API – Developer
    • MEF W123 – LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Product Order Management API –
      Developer Guide
    • MEF W124 – LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Trouble Ticketing API – Developer
    • MEF W125 – LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata Product Specification – Subscriber
      Ethernet – Schema Guide

NOTE: Please note the Readme files in particular directories that provide
more detailed information about corresponding functionalities.

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