MEF 10.2.1 Performance Attributes Amendment to MEF 10.2

2011 Jan

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet | Standard Type: Superseded Standards


Amendment to MEF 10.2.

This amendment makes the following changes to MEF 10.2:

  1. The definition of Qualified Service Frames in Section 6.9 is modified to clarify that Frame Delay, Inter-Frame Delay Variation and Frame Loss Ratio performance commitments only apply during available time.
  2. Section 6.9.5 has been deleted since the definition for frame loss ratio needed for availability is now contained in the availability section.
  3. Section 6.9.6 has been modified to fix an inconsistency in MEF 10.2, specifically to also relate the FLR metric to Qualified Service Frames.
  4. Section 6.9.7 has been deleted.
  5. Section 6.9.8 has been replaced to modify the definition of Availability that now uses frame loss during a sliding window to determine the availability or unavailability for each short time interval,. In addition, a single loss threshold replaces two loss thresholds in the definition. Text has been changed related to Scheduled Downtime, including the replacement of the term with Maintenance Interval. Text has been removed related to Unscheduled Downtime.
  6. Section 6.9.9 has been added to define two new performance attributes for resiliency performance.
  7. The new terms used in this amendment are defined in table form for inclusion into section 2 of a future roll-up.

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