MEF 139 LSO Sonata Internet Access Product Schemas and Developer Guide

2024 Jan

Primary Resource for: LSO Sonata

Product Portfolio: LSO Sonata

Standard Type: Information and Data Models

Tags: LSO Sonata


The MEF Standard consisting of this schema guide and its associated software artifacts (JSON Schemas) defines and describes the product-specific information used in LSO Cantata and LSO Sonata APIs for a set of Business Functions - specifically, Product Offering Qualification, Quote, Product Ordering, and Product Inventory - for Basic and Advanced Internet Access product.

Supporting Materials:

The document starts with an overview of LSO Cantata, LSO Sonata, and Internet Access services. It then provides a basic information model for the MEF Internet Access Service Attributes. The final sections describe the Data Model focused on the JSON Schemas associated with this specification.

This document can be thought of as a user’s guide for the Internet Access Data Model and the schemas provided that embody the Data Model. MEF Services are described by a set of Service Attributes. Each Service Attribute describes an aspect of the service that is agreed upon between the provider and the user of the service. The documents that describe the Service Attributes for Internet Access Services are MEF 61.1 IP Service Attributes and MEF 61.1.1. The Basic and Advanced services are specified in MEF 69.1 based on the Service Attributes defined in MEF 61.1.

MEF 61.1 and MEF 61.1.1 specify Service Attributes to describe the various components that compose a Basic Internet Access service and Advanced Internet Access. This document defines a data model that includes these Service Attributes respectively and also lists the Service Attributes that are not included in the data model or are present in modified form, and the reason why each is not included or modified.

This Standard normatively incorporates the following files by reference as if they were part of this document, from the GitHub repository, commit id: e89a37675a0323ad993a7bbd0cdbc936ebed92c8:  


  • common/ipCommon.yaml
  • common/ipSls.yaml
  • internetAccess/advancedInternetAccessIpvc/advancedInternetAccessIpvc.yaml
  • internetAccess/basicInternetAccess/basicInternetAccess.yaml
  • internetAccess/exclusiveAdvancedInternetAccess/exclusiveAdvancedInternetAccess.yaml
  • internetAccess/internetAccessCommon/internetAccessCommon.yaml
  • ipUni/ethernetUniAccessLinkTrunk.yaml
  • ipUni/ipUni.yaml
  • ipUni/ipUniAccessLink.yaml
  • ipUni/ipUniCommon.yaml

Also included in the GitHub repository is a Postman file that contains informative examples illustrating use of the Internet Access. This file is not part of this standard but is referred to in Appendix A.

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