MEF 16 Ethernet Local Management Interface

2006 Jan

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet

Standard Type: Element Management


Enables customer equipment to receive information regarding the status and attributes of Ethernet Services thus allowing automatic configuration and improved Subscriber network performance


This technical specification addresses the E-LMI protocol. The E-LMI protocol is based on ITU- T Q.933, X.36 and other relevant recommendations as well as Frame Relay Local Management Interface (FR-LMI) Implementation Agreement document defined by the Frame Relay Forum and related ITU-T recommendations. 

The E-LMI procedures and protocol are used for enabling auto configuration of the CE to sup- port Metro Ethernet services. The E-LMI protocol also provides UNI and EVC status informa- tion to the CE. The UNI and EVC information enables automatic configuration of CE operation based upon the Metro Ethernet Network configuration. 

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