MEF 70.1 SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework

2021 Nov

Amendments: MEF 70.2

Primary Resource for: SD-WAN

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN

Standard Type: Superseded Standards


The SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework Standard defines the externally visible behavior of SD-WAN Services. A Service deployment is based on an agreement between an SD-WAN Subscriber (the buyer) and an SD-WAN Service Provider (the seller) that includes agreement on the values of a set of SD-WAN Service Attributes defined in this document.


This document includes:

SD-WAN Important Concepts – description of important components and concepts, i.e., the building blocks that are used to define and describe a MEF SD-WAN Service.

SD-WAN Service Attributes – the enumeration and description of the information that is agreed to between the SD-WAN Subscriber and the SD-WAN Service Provider. The values of these Service Attributes are determined by agreement between the Subscriber and Service Provider, subject to constraints imposed by this standard.

SD-WAN Service Framework – A framework for defining instances of an SD-WAN Service based on the definitions, service elements, and Service Attributes included in the document.

It is important to distinguish between the SD-WAN Service and the Underlay Connectivity Services over which the SD-WAN Service operates. An SD-WAN Service Provider provides the SD-WAN Service to the Subscriber. The SD-WAN Service Provider may provide one or more of the Underlay Connectivity Services on its own network or from other network operators, but some or all of the Underlay Connectivity Services may be provided by other Service Providers directly to the SD-WAN Subscriber.

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