MEF 72.1 Resource Model – Subscriber & Operator Layer 1

2021 Feb

Primary Resource for: Models

Product Portfolio: Optical Transport, Models

Standard Type: Information and Data Models

Tags: NRP (Network Resource Provisioning), MRM (MEF Resource Models)


This Standard describes the MEF Resource Model (MRM), specifically for Layer 1 Connectivity related management features.


This Standard describes the MEF Resource Model (MRM), specifically for Layer 1 Connectivity related management features.

This Standard supersedes and replaces MEF 72 (Network Resource Model – Subscriber Layer 1).

Lifecycle Service Orchestration Reference Architecture (LSO RA, MEF 55) extends the traditional MEF scope concerning Service modeling, from a pure view “from outside the network” to cover a range of operational, orchestration, and network management behaviors, including SDN and NFV paradigms.

Ethernet Connectivity Information Model (MEF 59), Subscriber Layer 1 Information Model (MEF 72) and Ethernet OAM Information Model (MEF 83) have been defined to manage the network infrastructure, through SDN Controllers, WAN Controllers, OTN Subnetwork Managers, and other legacy Network Management Systems.

This document adds to MEF 59 the management features related to Layer 1 Connectivity, as defined by

  • Subscriber Layer 1 Service Attributes Technical Specification (MEF 63), and
  • Operator Layer 1 Service Attributes and Services (MEF 64).

This model can be used as the basis for LSO RA PRESTO Interface Profiles defining APIs for the Layer 1 management.

The MRM structure is based on current and developing best network management solutions by ITU-T, ONF and TM Forum, to allow wider and future proof interoperability across multi-vendor and multi-technology networks. Examples of reference network management solutions are ITU-T G.7711/Y.1702, ONF TR-512, ONF TR-527, TM Forum MTNM and MTOSI.

This document normatively includes the content of the following Papyrus and UML files as if they were contained within this document (pull request #57, commit c814697, GitHub Repository):

  • NRM_L1.di / .notation / .uml
  • MEF_Types.di / .notation / .uml

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