MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service Solution Brief

2023 Oct

Primary Resource for: OIT Service

Product Portfolio: OIT Service, LSO Sonata


This Solution Brief outlines the LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service, including the adoption lifecycle.


MEF’s LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service offers an efficient, predictable, and scalable solution that providers can use to test their LSO Sonata implementation and perform interop testing with partners at any time. The solution consists of LSO Sonata buyer and seller software-based emulators hosted on a dedicated public cloud server. MEF OIT Service speeds up testing of companies’ own implementations and significantly decreases the time to onboard new partners.

The OIT service moves service providers through the implementation and partner onboarding stages of the LSO Sonata Adoption Lifecycle, including the critical “Develop and Test” and “Production” phases. The end goal? Being production-ready with multiple partners in a significantly abbreviated timeframe.

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