Building the Edge Interconnect Fabric

Enabling the automated buying and selling of edge computing/IaaS to facilitate the growth of multi-provider telco edge and the expansion of available footprint to enterprise customers from a single supplier.

MEF Accelerator Hot Mongoose

As the result of the growth in 5G deployment, the telecommunications industry has been paying more attention to edge computing as a potential value-add service driving new revenues for both the telcos and cloud providers. Increasingly, enterprises need a larger edge computing footprint from their preferred service provider. Enabling retail service providers to supplement their own telco edge coverage with edge computing services from wholesale partners is the obvious solution.

The challenge is that business automation between telco edge operators is not currently based on open standardized APIs with standardized edge computing data schemas. The Hot Mongoose project brings together some of the world’s leading telco edge providers to reach consensus on using open standardized LSO APIs together with a MEF-endorsed data schema describing the required edge computing service.

Once agreement on such a MEF-endorsed product payload is reached, hundreds of operators around the globe will be able to dynamically participate in global-scale, high-value telco edge offerings thereby maximizing the availability of such services in the segments like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, mobility and government.

In The Spotlight

The Next Frontier in Edge Computing

How multi-provider edge computing services are becoming a reality through LSO APIs.

Who benefits from this NaaS Accelerator?

Service providers that want to simplify achieving a global edge computing solution for their enterprise customers. Enterprises that want a single-provider solution for a multi-provider problem.

What is the primary output of this NaaS Accelerator?

A MEF-endorsed LSO Product Payload for edge computing/IaaS services.

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The edge computing market will grow dramatically if enterprises can obtain a global telco edge footprint from a single service provider regardless of how many suppliers are required behind the scenes.


MEF member NTT Communications is selling today edge compute services to its Industry 4.0 customers in Japan using only its own facilities. Its customers are increasingly interested in accessing this NTT service internationally outside NTT's own footprint. This makes the ability to seamlessly order and manage off-net edge compute from partners very valuable. NTT initiated this project in accelerate the availability of a multi-provider telco edge market for NTT customers.

Near Future

Present consensus at the upcoming MEF members meeting in Rome (April 17-20) on on the business requirements and use cases for telco edge computing services that can be used to create the first draft of a MEF-endorsed LSO Product Payload for edge computing services.

Action Needed

Make an MEF-endorsed LSO Product Payload for edge computing services available on the LSO Marketplace for use with open standardized LSO APIs.

Without This Accelerator

The telco edge market will be hampered by the lack of a scalable multi-provider market effectively holding back many 5G and AI use cases that require a large and dynamic compute footprint regardless of provider.

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