How SASE is Getting the Edge on SD-WAN: Highlights from MEF Infinite Edge

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Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the Infinite Edge Series are all available on demand. Watching all episodes in succession builds context as we walk through the digital transformation journey for service providers and enterprises. Find out more about all episodes—past and upcoming—at:

In our most recent episode, Episode 3, we explored how SASE shifts the focus in the enterprise from site-centric to user-centric security—taking into account that the user can be anything (human, IoT, etc.) and anywhere. We also dove into how SASE can maximize the availability of high-performance edges (e.g., PoPs) and security clouds by distributing security and network functions away from the enterprise data centers.  

Here are some Episode 3 highlights, captured in the mind map created by our talented sketch artist, Matt: 

More and more organizations are recognizing the need for a new security model as their employees shift permanently to working from home, cloud computing becomes the norm, and supply-chain partnerships become even more important for business success. Enterprises have concluded that, if they’re working in the cloud, they need a security model in the cloud. Cloud-based SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) works in parallel with SD-WAN. SASE combines network connectivity, with security functions, and subscriber policies. 

As Shena Seneca Tharnish, VP, Cybersecurity Product Management, Comcast Business, noted in her Executives in Conversation segment, “SD-WAN and SASE together bring geographically disparate end points together with a common security policy—whether you’re in a coffee shop or you’re in a branch office.” 

SD-WAN standardization has greatly facilitated adoption; however, lack of SASE standardization has hindered the ability to join these forces. “If you’re in the domain of setting and guiding the standards around SD-WAN, you have a responsibility, an obligation to make sure SD-WAN has a security posture and framework around it. You can’t go and drive the industry standards around SD-WAN and say, hey, good luck to everybody on security,” stated Jeremy Wubs, SVP, Marketing, Bell Business Markets, Bell Canada, during his segment. 

Standardization empowers efficient integration among technology partners—and that increases customer confidence. New SASE standards will provide a common language that enables multiple organizations to collaborate towards a common goal of new standards that facilitate multi-vendor interoperability. 

Our short highlights video gives you a sneak peek into Episode 3. Then dive in deeper by watching the entire MEF Infinite Edge, Episode 3: SASE, Getting an Edge on SD-WAN, on demand. 

And don’t miss Episode 4: Edge Computing: Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth, on 14 April 2021 at 10:00 am EDT! 

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