Ready to Boost Your Knowledge of Secure SD-WAN?

Ready to Boost Your Knowledge of Secure SD-WAN?

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Learn how the new SD-WAN certified professional (MEF-SDCP) exam can vastly improve your technical knowledge and increase your professional value

The new MEF-SDCP is a professional certification for those with an existing networking background who need to enhance their knowledge and skills in SD-WAN, SD-WAN application security, and performance monitoring and metrics. Especially useful to professionals in the service provider, technology vendor, and enterprise communities, MEF-SDCP is the industry’s only vendor-neutral SD-WAN professional certification designed to test an individual’s knowledge and skill in the configuration and operation of SD-WAN networks. It is a technical certification recognizing expertise from a cross section of networking professionals in product, architecture, design, sales, service, engineering, IT/OT/operations, etc.

The MEF-SDCP is a 50-question, 90-minute exam. Accredited Training Providers (ATPs) provide assorted training modalities for online and virtual/remote training. Resources for study include an exam blueprint and additional study references, including a self-study portal. Test your knowledge now by downloading our 10 free exam questions!

Technical Readiness for Increasingly Complex Connectivity and Security

Today’s SD-WAN and security markets are more complex than ever. New technologies are introduced frequently, and service providers, enterprises, and integrators are tasked with the significant challenge to implement new, resolve existing, and secure everything connected. The new MEF-SDCP incorporates significantly enhanced MEF 70.1 SD-WAN Service Attributes and Service Framework and addresses increasingly important security needs with the addition of MEF 88 Application Security for SD-WAN. It also covers MEF W105 for SD-WAN performance measurements, monitoring, service readiness, Measured Information Rate for application flows, zones and more.

The SD-WAN market is shifting towards interoperability from vendor-specific solutions where reduced complexity, decreased cost, and increased security are needed. At the core of MEF-SDCP is MEF 70.1, which defines the externally visible behavior of SD-WAN Services. A Service deployment is based on an agreement between an SD-WAN Subscriber (the buyer) and an SD-WAN Service Provider (the seller). The standard includes agreement on the values of SD-WAN Service Attributes including SD-WAN virtual connection zones, virtual topologies, performance and policy criteria, SD-WAN UNI routing protocols, UCS UNI, UCS end-point service attributes, performance metrics etc.

One step further, MEF-SDCP added MEF 88 and validates the knowledge and skills needed for a security-driven networking approach to SD-WAN, converging networking and security into a unified Secure SD-WAN solution. MEF 88 defines the Policy Criteria needed to add Application Security to SD-WAN Services including SD-WAN security functions, policies supporting application flows, certificate authority and validation functions, Transport Layer Security (TLS), IP, DNS, URL filtering, and malware detection, removal, and more.

“The industry recognizes that alignment on standardized services is critical for market growth. MEF 3.0 certified services and technologies verify conformance to MEF’s industry-leading standards for performance, assurance, and agility, meeting customer expectations for certified services and enabling faster service delivery and a competitive advantage,” said Nan Chen, President, MEF, in a recent press release.

Why Become a MEF SD-WAN Certified Professional?

Skilled professionals are in demand and key to a successful ecosystem of stakeholders to capitalize on market opportunities. They must be well-versed in the standards terminology, concepts, and deployment scenarios for SD-WAN. Certified professionals solve at least one of the telecom industry’s biggest challenges—the need for experienced individuals to have professional knowledge that exceeds that of their competitors.

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MEF Network Expert Status

Completing two MEF professional certifications earns industry professionals the coveted MEF Network Expert Status.

Corporate Program 

MEF provides cost incentives for those organizations that wish to achieve in-depth training and certifications for their employees. A tiered volume discount structure reduces per-exam costs as more professionals are certified.

New Member/Certified Member Voucher Program

New MEF members and companies who have recently certified their services or technologies may participate in the MEF voucher program which provides one or two free MEF Professional Certification exam registrations depending on membership designation.

MEF-SDCP 10 Free Test Questions

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