SASE: Journey or Destination?

VMware’s Vice President, Craig Connors, discusses the evolution of Secure Service Edge (SSE), on one side and SASE on the other, with SD-WAN as the foundation. As workers stay remote, applications on distributed devices move from centralized locations to the edge, and the world goes cloud native, how do we securely connect users and devices running many applications in many different locations? What is the destination for SASE? Craig highlights opportunities for service providers as networking vendors branch into security and security vendors venture into networking.

In this Executives at the Edge episode, host Pascal Menezes explores these topics and more with Craig Connors of VMware: 

  • The rapid evolution of SASE; rethinking the way we approach networking and security. 
  • How SD-WAN and SSE are two fundamental pieces of the SASE puzzle and zero trust network access brings them together. 
  • Why security vendors are coming to the networking side while networking vendors are branching into security. 
  • How the shift helps service providers and creates new opportunities that hyperscale growth. 
  • What is the final destination in this ever-expanding market? 

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