Tag: Cloud

MEF 76 MEF 76 Service Control Business Requirements and Use Cases — 2022 Oct

Primary Resource for: LSO Interlude

Product Portfolio: LSO Interlude

Standard Type: MEF Service Lifecycle

Tags: Cloud

This standard defines business requirements and use cases for modifying values of service attributes elastically.

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MEF 68 MEF 68 Cloud Services Architecture — 2021 Sep

Product Portfolio: Other

Standard Type: Architecture

Tags: Cloud

This document defines the architectural framework for Cloud Services provided by a Cloud Ser-vice Provider to a Cloud Subscriber or by a Cloud Operator to a Cloud Service Provider.

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MEF 47.1 MEF 47.1 Elastic Ethernet Services & Cloud Connectivity — 2021 Feb

Product Portfolio: Carrier Ethernet

Standard Type: Service Definitions

Tags: Cloud

This MEF Standard describes and defines Elastic Ethernet Services.

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