MEF 90.2 Draft (R3) MEF 90.2 Draft Release 3 SD-WAN Certification Test Cases and Requirements – Phase 2 — 2024 May

Primary Resource for: SD-WAN Certification

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN Certification

Standard Type: Test Requirements & Abstract Test Suites

Tags: Certification, SD-WAN

This document defines the Test Cases and requirements for SD-WAN certification.

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MEF 105 MEF 105 Performance Monitoring and Service Readiness Testing for SD-WAN — 2024 Apr

Product Portfolio: SD-WAN

Standard Type: SOAM Fault and Performance Measurement

Tags: SD-WAN

The requirements for Performance Monitoring of SD-WAN Service and the information that the SD-WAN Service Provider provides to the SD-WAN Subscriber are detailed within this document.

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SASE Services Framework — 2020 Jul

Product Portfolio: SASE


This White Paper is aimed at both enterprises that are increasingly depending on digital services serving users in increasing numbers, types and locations, as well as the service providers that want to offer them security for those digital services.

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