MEF 120 Lean NFV Overview and Framework

2022 May

Primary Resource for: LSO Presto, LSO Adagio

Product Portfolio: LSO Presto, LSO Adagio

Standard Type: MEF Service Lifecycle


Lean NFV represents an approach to implementing Network Functions Virtualization in the context of MEF LSO.

NFV solutions have become fundamental in moving network functions to the Edge (where by Edge we mean a compute stack not in the cloud core, up to and including the premises edge). Lean NFV offers a uniform approach to integrating different components involved in NFV using MEF LSO APIs.

Lean NFV takes an approach of reducing the difficult task of integration that usually accompanies disaggregation, relying on a Key-Value Store (KVS)-like function as the universal point of integration and using a plug-in approach to the computing infrastructure. Lean NFV reduces reliance on monolithic controllers and other NFV elements so that independently developed components work together, whether they run in customer premises equipment (uCPEs), the network edge (public or private), data centers, or even the cloud core.

The purpose of this document is to define Lean NFV in the context of the MEF 55.1 LSO Framework. In this document, Lean NFV effects the functions of Infrastructure Control and Management. In this context it serves as a vehicle to instantiate two LSO APIs: Presto and Adagio. This document introduces the concept, provides a framework for the details (internal APIs and schema), and establishes principles that guide its design. The goal is to enable network operators to offer more customized services to their customers and to transform their businesses to adopt a software-first mindset.

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