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An industry association of 200+ member companies, MEF is the driving force enabling agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services that empower users with the dynamic performance and security required to thrive in the digital economy.

MEF Membership Benefits

MEF provides a broad range of marketing, certification and business development capabilities that equip MEF member companies of all sizes in all geographic locations with unique, powerful and very cost-effective customer-networking and profile-raising opportunities. 

Key benefits of membership include:

  • Advance visibility into relevant industry technical standards developments
  • Ability to influence standards to align with corporate objectives
  • Achieve align of standards to your corporate objectives
  • Achieve thought leadership among MEF’s 130+ SP members through collaboration
  • Gain corporate and individual visibility through participation
  • Gain recognition through by collaboration efforts in MEF’s marketing activities
  • Gain access to MEF services or technology certifications
  • Get listed for MEF certified services, technologies and professional certifications in MEF Certification Registries

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MEF is Enabling Dynamic MEF 3.0 Services Across a Global Ecosystem of Automated Networks

MEF recently introduced the MEF 3.0 transformational global services framework for defining, delivering, and certifying agile, assured, and orchestrated services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. MEF 3.0 services provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities. MEF 3.0 services will be delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV.

MEF is enabling our service provider members to transition from operating as independent islands of excellence to being integral players in a worldwide business federation of cloud-like networks that support dynamic services across multiple providers. Inter-provider service orchestration will encompass automated commercial agreements, customer portals that use zero touch principles, and other innovations.

The industry transition to dynamic MEF 3.0 connectivity and virtualized services – and ultimately to application-aware, self-organizing networks – will have game-changing implications for customer agility and productivity and service provider competition and revenue generation.  

MEF provides a practical framework and roadmap for service providers and their vendors to embark on a transformation journey regardless of their starting point.

Industry Transformation Journey
  Industry Transformation Journey

Advancing MEF 3.0 Development

MEF members collaborate internally and externally with industry partners to produce service specifications, Lifecycle Service Orchestration frameworks, open LSO APIs, software-driven implementations of orchestrated services, and certification programs for services, technologies, and professionals. MEF 3.0 work will enable automated delivery of standardized Carrier Ethernet, Layer 1, IP, SD-WAN and Layer 4-7 services across multiple service providers.

See the following resources for more MEF 3.0 information:

  • MEF 3.0 Overview - covers key elements of MEF 3.0 and explains how the MEF 3.0 framework compares to MEF’s traditional Carrier Ethernet 2.0 framework.
  • MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Overview – provides details on the third generation of MEF-defined CE services that form a key component of MEF 3.0.
  • MEF 3.0 Certification Overview – explains MEF’s new agile certification program to certify compliance with latest releases of MEF 3.0 service and LSO API specifications.

Building on a Track Record of Carrier Ethernet Success & Innovation

Founded in 2001, MEF spearheaded creation of the $80+ billion annual global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technology that involves more than 650 service providers and dozens of technology companies worldwide. MEF certified CE 2.0 services currently provide the premium digital fuel for the global digital economy and form the foundation for future service innovation.

The fast-growing global Carrier Ethernet services market reached an estimated $50 billion in 2017 and is on track to surpass $70 billion by 2020, according to Ovum. Vertical Systems Group projects that the worldwide Carrier Ethernet service market will generate $300+ billion in revenue during the five-year period between 2017 - 2021.

Dynamic services account for a small percentage of the overall CE services market today, but this percentage will grow as providers transition to MEF 3.0 CE certified services.


MEF Global Membership - Company Type & Geographic Region

MEF's Global Membership

MEF’s membership base of 200+ companies includes a mix of service providers, hardware and software technology vendors, testing, training, and other companies from every geographic region of the world.  See MEF Members List.

Community Collaboration

MEF is working with many of the world’s leading service and technology providers, open source projects, standards associations, enterprises, and universities to realize a shared vision of orchestrating dynamic services across multiple providers and network technology domains.

The expanding MEF community allows MEF members to enter anywhere on the network transformation journey and realize the benefits of playing a leading role in reshaping the communications landscape.  

Key elements of the MEF community include:

  • Standards collaboration among industry associations
  • Open source collaboration
  • MEF 3.0 implementation projects on MEFnet
  • LSO API SDKs (Software Development Kits)
  • LSO Hackathons
  • Software Developer Community
  • Enterprise Advisory Council
  • Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (MEF-CECPs)
  • Network Foundations Professionals (MEF-NF)

Join MEF!

If your company is not already a member, we invite you to join MEF today. 

Annual Principal Membership cost is $17,250, and annual Start-up Company Membership cost is $5,000.

See How to Join MEF for more information.