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MEF 3.0 is a transformational framework for defining, delivering, and certifying agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services across a global ecosystem of automated networks. (new) The accompanying MEF 3.0 Certification Program for technology and service providers, provides the ability to certify not only compliance to service functionality and performance, but also LSO Open API functionality.

The MEF 3.0 certification program provides service providers and technology providers with the ability to certify their services and technologies comply with latest MEF 3.0 services and API standards. The relevant standards for MEF 3.0 certification are described in the MEF 3.0 Certification Blueprint (click here). API information will be added in subsequent releases as the APIs and accompanying specifications become available.

The CE 2.0 Services Certification Program enables service providers to certify that their connectivity services comply with the relevant MEF specifications. Click to learn more about the new CE 2.0 Certification Program. Click here for details

The CE 2.0 Technology Certification Program enables network equipment manufacturers to certify that their products comply with the relevant MEF specifications. Click to learn more about the new CE 2.0 Certification Program.  Click here for details

MEF's Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP) certification identifies the industry's leading Carrier Ethernet professionals. The MEF-CECP validates knowledge, skills and abilities in Carrier Ethernet service specifications and definitions. Click here for details

MEF's Network Foundations Certified Professional (MEF-NF) certification validates conceptual knowledge of modern networking domains including SDN, NFV, Carrier Ethernet/Connectivity Services, and their combined implementations and use cases. Click here for details

MEF SDN/NFV Certified Professional skills certification is the first ISO-standard exam that validates knowledge, skills, and abilities in the domains of SDN and NFV. Click here for details

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